Leading Clinical Labs Turn to Us for Complete NGS Testing Solutions


Whether your organization is new to NGS testing, or is somewhere in the process of implementation, PierianDx can build a solution that fits your needs and bolsters your clinical lab’s testing capability while enhancing your brand.


Your academic medical center is facing a myriad of challenges as healthcare goes through the greatest transformation in the history of the industry. In addition to providing medical education, driving innovative research, and delivering the best patient care to the communities you serve, your organization must stay on the forefront of Personalized Medicine. As your community turns to you for the most advanced NGS testing options, PierianDx is here to help.


Your health system is facing the most dramatic transformation in the history of the industry. Population health, shifting reimbursement models and consumers’ demand for more personalized medicine and treatment, are driving this transformation. Your personalized medicine program is the backbone of your new model of care, and PierianDx can help.


Children’s hospitals are considered the beacon of care for families whose children are fighting battles with cancer or genetic diseases. Families expect you to be at the forefront of personalized medicine, but how do you balance immediate patient care with advancing your own NGS testing capability? PierianDx can help.


Comprehensive cancer centers are facing the most dramatic transformation in the history of the industry. Your cancer center is expected to take the lead in cancer detection and treatment. You are relentlessly focused on overcoming drug resistance for your patients, finding the most appropriate therapy to target cancer-related mutations, and screening people for unsuspected cancers. It is more important than ever for you to have a comprehensive NGS testing program you can rely on. PierianDx can help.


Commercial labs are facing dramatic change when it comes to their testing portfolio. Your lab must rapidly build its genomic testing capability to meet the expectations of your clients. Having a complete NGS testing offering is no longer an option – it’s a necessity. If your clinical lab needs to rapidly expand your NGS testing, we can help.

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PierianDx offers the right mix of software, service and support clinical labs need to implement NGS testing.


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