Professional Services


PierianDx’s Professional Services ensure that you have everything you need to effectively manage the clinical NGS workflow and can begin case sign-out as rapidly as possible. Our team of genomicists can help you with everything from designing your own NGS testing strategy to final implementation of custom assays. We can help you design and validate your own custom gene panels and pipelines, set up your own CLIA-certified or CAP-accredited lab, and develop a comprehensive validation plan for each panel. Our professional services allow you to:

  • Accelerate your personalized medicine initiatives

  • Ease transition into fully-integrated NGS lab capabilities

  • Provide flexible engagement services designed around your needs

  • Leverage years of experience and best practices

Lab Services


PierianDx’s Lab Services allows you to access and customize a range of assays right out of the box. This service delivers clinically validated Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) tests for a range of cancers and inherited diseases. PierianDx’s Lab Services allow you to:

  • Enhance your brand by making personalized medicine your competitive advantage

  • Ease transition into fully-integrated NGS lab capabilities

  • Expend no capital outlay to get started

  • Provide speed to market – you focus on your long-term NGS testing strategy while we help you implement today


Interpretation Services

PierianDx interpretation services includes a team of medical directors and variant scientists that leverage technology to assist CGW customers in the professional review of cases. Our interpretation services cover the full range of gene tests for inherited conditions and somatic cancer, and can be customized in three ways:

  • PDx variant analysis with your medical director performing review and sign out

  • PDx variant analysis, case preparation and medical review with your sign out

  • PDx performs the entire service including variant analysis, case preparation, medical review and sign out