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Building a Best-in-Class Precision Medicine Program: The Moffitt Cancer Center Story
September 14, 2017

Dr. Anthony Magliocco
Chair of Anatomic Pathology at Moffitt Cancer Center

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Clinical Genomicist Workspace (CGW): Accelerate Your NGS Testing with an End-to-End Integrated Workspace
September 28, 2017

Rakesh Nagarajan, M.D., PH.D.
Chief Biomedical Informatics Officer, PierianDx

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Precision Oncology Roundtable: Ask the Experts about NGS-based Tumor Profiling
October 12, 2017

Featuring Speakers from:
Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Augusta University, Moffitt Cancer Center

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If you operate a clinical lab seeking to build or expand your genomic testing, we can help. PierianDx provides the most comprehensive, robust and integrated solution for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) that enables labs to quickly go from raw sequencing data to actionable, informed patient diagnosis and treatment.

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PierianDx enables academic medical centers, health systems, children’s hospitals, comprehensive cancer centers and commercial labs to accelerate their precision medicine initiatives. If you are looking to bring clinical testing in-house rapidly or one step at a time, we have the right solution for you.


Enabling Personalized Medicine – Then and Now

When it comes to precision medicine, we’ve been there from the beginning. Our legacy is tied to Washington University in St. Louis and expertise created through the Human Genome Project. Our platform was inspired by a team of pathology, genetics, and informatics experts with a sole focus on clinical tools. Since then, clinical labs worldwide have adopted our software platform and NGS testing services. Want to be part of our history?


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Comprehensive Platform. Flexible Engagement Model.

PierianDx’s clinical workspace provides a portfolio of tools and services to enable or accelerate NGS testing initiatives.





  • “Being able to better analyze DNA and genetic markers through PierianDx’s products will help us improve our patient-centered care, including diagnosis and treatment. Through sharing clinical interpretations, we expect to gain meaningful insights that could lead to better patient outcomes.”

    Anthony Magliocco, M.D., Department Chair of Pathology at Moffitt

  • “Phoenix Children’s has a unique approach to these highly comprehensive genomic analyses-driven clinical trials for pediatric patients. Drug development for pediatric cancers is an area that has not received due attention, so we are hopeful that with this approach, many new treatment options for children suffering from various types of cancer will be identified.”

    Dr. Nazneen Aziz, Chief Research Officer for Phoenix Children’s Hospital

  • “We are very excited to join the network of partners using PierianDx’s genetic software services. The software will help us to streamline the reporting of genomic profiling results to our physicians and will facilitate the curation of a clinical grade variant database at the University of Arizona. Not only will this partnership aid our oncologists in the pursuit of better treatments for their cancer patients today, this will provide unprecedented opportunities to match the right patient with the right treatment, and ultimately improve the outcome for many patients in the years to come.”

    Dr. Michael Hammer, Director of the University of Arizona Genetics Core

  • “Our partnership with PierianDx will supply healthcare systems’ in-house labs with a simpler and more integrated workflow. The PierianDx bioinformatics platform and testing services will ultimately speed the delivery of precision care to patients.”

    Jonathan Hirsch, Founder & President of Syapse


When it comes to genomic data analysis, interpretation and reporting, knowledge is power. PierianDx’s Collaborative Knowledgebase is the most powerful genomic data engine in the industry. Our constantly expanding molecular medical knowledgebase enables effective, data-driven reproducible clinical decision-making

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