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PierianDx provides the most complete clinical genomics cloud-based software that simplifies the process of translating complex genomic data into actionable clinical insights.

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PierianDx is a dedicated team of medical professionals, scientists, genomics experts and developers who are driven by one goal – to advance precision medicine by simplifying the process of turning DNA into meaningful clinical insight.

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Say Goodbye to Fragmented Solutions.

No matter what stage your precision medicine program is in, PierianDx can help accelerate it with our comprehensive clinical genomics platform and solution services


CGW is the industry’s leading integrated workspace for genomic analytics, classification, interpretation and reporting. Driven by our KnowledgeSpace, CGW provides end-to-end workflow from sample to report that seamlessly integrates with patient medical records and lab information systems.


PierianDx’s KnowledgeSpace simplifies the complexity of translating and curating billions of biomedical findings from disparate sources into easy-to-understand personal reports that clinicians can share with their patients.


Our expert solutions team simplifies the process of bringing genomic testing in-house by providing a range of services, including implementation, validation, interpretation and turnkey genomic assays.

Our Customers

PierianDx enables academic medical centers, health systems, children’s hospitals, comprehensive cancer centers and commercial labs to accelerate their precision medicine initiatives. If you are looking to bring clinical testing in-house rapidly or one step at a time, we have the right solution for you.

  • “Being able to better analyze DNA and genetic markers through PierianDx’s products will help us improve our patient-centered care, including diagnosis and treatment. Through sharing clinical interpretations, we expect to gain meaningful insights that could lead to better patient outcomes.”

    Anthony Magliocco, M.D., Department Chair of Pathology at Moffitt


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The difference between data and insight is creating actionable intelligence that is clinically relevant. PierianDx’s KnowledgeSpace is a constantly expanding molecular medical knowledgebase that enables effective, data-driven reproducible clinical decision-making.

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